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 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Statement 

In line with our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, we’ve outlined our official position and the ways we provide socially purposed organisations equitable and accessible support. This statement reflects and guides our approach to the advocacy and actions of our organisation. 


Our mission is to make freelance support, consultancy and training for socially purposed organisations more equitable and accessible, while leading sustainable change towards inclusivity in the industry. 


What we stand for:


As a collective community of consultants, we are invested in creating, cultivating, and maintaining a climate where equity, anti-racism, and mutual respect are both inherent and visible by valuing individuals and organisations from all backgrounds, demographics, and experiences. As such, we go further than national laws such as the Equalities Act; individual and organisational differences can include, but are not limited to the following demographics: race, ethnicity, national origin or ancestry, citizenship, immigration status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, medical condition, neurodiversity, size, marital status, domestic partner status, age, political beliefs, religion, creed, military or veteran status, socioeconomic status, and any other basis protected by international law. 


We champion diversity and inclusion.


The Fair Collective embraces diversity among consultants, staff, administrative support, as well as the organisations and communities we serve as an integral part of our story and history, a recognition of the complexity of our present state, and a call to action for a better future. 


Embracing diversity means that we must intentionally practice acceptance, anti-racism, and respect towards one another and understand that racism, discrimination, and prejudices create and sustain privileges for some while creating and sustaining disadvantages for others. We aim to dismantle these barriers, continue to grow in our awareness and implementation of anti-oppression work, and uplift those who are historically disenfranchised through our platforms. 


We champion organisations doing good work, who need support, with a diverse collective of specialists. We have a cross section of consultants in the Fair Collective, almost 100 consultants from a diverse background of ethnicity, perspectives, expertise, and lived experience. 


Quite often when people picture a consultant or consultancy agency, they might picture old white cis men and those are the faces that you often see when you walk into a typical consultancy agency. Often, there is not substantial visible diversity, of course, that makes us wonder, if there also is not substantial invisible diversity as well.


Our objective is to role model an inclusive approach. We want to stand out as an organisation in this sector: forward thinking, intentionally equitable, and actively curating inclusive space. 


We want to disrupt that norm of the intimidating professional consultant by making the experience of getting support more accessible, less overwhelming, and normalise the process of getting support. That means for our community and clients that it's a safe space - informal and friendly - and most importantly it's welcoming of everyone.


Accessibility and equity at our core.


We acknowledge that accessibility goes far beyond the typical considerations of disability but has far reaching and intersectional ramifications. 


At Fair Collective, we strongly believe that your organisation should have access to top-notch support - regardless of your budget. We regularly review our rates, and partner with you through each project. We’ve been transparent with our pricing since we were founded in 2016.


We understand that smaller organisations may not have the resources to access the support they need. That's why we're passionate about bridging that gap and helping the organisations that need it most. 


Plus, when you work with us, you're also contributing towards our mission. We’re dedicated to helping even the tiniest of organisations and movements, which is why 50% of our profits go towards providing them with pro-bono support. Since 2016, we’ve given over 500 hours of pro-bono support to small charities. 


The bottom line, access support, no matter your budget and needs. We’ve made every effort to make our website and other materials accessible. In addition, with the goal of ensuring equitable and accessibility of our services, we regularly audit our accessibility across the board, to align our values to our day-to-day practices. We continue to address areas of improvement and will happily work with you to meet you and your organisation’s needs. 


Complaints and Feedback


We have developed a formal complaints and feedback system (find out more here). Submit any feedback via and we will respond within 5 working days. 



This statement was last updated on July 18, 2023. 

With gratitude to Anuradha Kowtha, member of Fair Collective, for support in creating this statement. 

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