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Happy clients


Members of The Collective are always getting stuck into exciting projects. The best part? Hearing from our happy clients, about how it all went. 


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Founder Vic working at her laptop in a cafe


Have you heard of Carefree? They’re a wonderful social enterprise that helps unpaid carers take a much-needed break. With the help of Fair Collective consultants, they secured over £70,000 in funding, ensuring a steady income and peace of mind for the team.

Refugee Biriyani & Bananas

Refugee Biriyani & Bananas do amazing work to help vulnerable people all over the world. But, like many organisations, they faced some challenges - and needed a little support to keep growing. That’s where Fair Collective came in!

Hope for Children

Hope for Children is an international charity that aims to give every child a happy childhood. During the pandemic, they had to make redundancies and needed flexible freelance support. Consultants Cat, Lucy, and Ben helped with grant applications and programme restructuring, providing caring service that felt like having extended family on the team.

The Centre Place

The Centre Place focuses on supporting housing needs for young people. The charity now includes a support service for young parents, life-skills sessions, counselling, and LGBTQIA+ provision. However, the pandemic posed operational challenges for the Trustees. Vic and Ben from Fair Collective helped identify structural changes, create an action plan, and recruit new staff. The result? Positive outcomes (and staff!).




Carefree provides support for unpaid carers. They take unused accommodation and turn it into much-needed breaks - bringing welcome relief for those who dedicate their lives to caring for others.


However, Carefree faced an obstacle. While they had received funding from trusts and foundations in the past, they lacked the resources to consistently apply for new opportunities. That’s when our consultants, Lucy Roberts and Kate Wood, stepped in to help.


Together with CEO, Charlotte Newman, Lucy and Kate applied for funding opportunities on behalf of Carefree. Thanks to their hard work, Carefree secured over £70,000 from grant funders, such as The Fore. 


This steady flow of funding brought peace of mind to Carefree’s core team, knowing that they were meeting all their deadlines. 


Charlotte had high praise for our consultants: Lucy and Kate didn’t try to change anything or steer us away from what we were doing, but respected us for the experts we are. The model run by Fair Collective is brilliant and delivers with integrity.’


(Isn’t it great to hear about organisations like Carefree, and the dedicated people who support them?)

A photo of one of Carefree's service users, a woman looking thoughtful with her eyes closed resting underneath a tree
Refugee Biryani & Bananas
A photo from Refugee Biryani and Bananas. Two people work together to carry a bag of supplies

Refugee Biriyani & Bananas


Refugee Biriyani & Bananas is a fab organisation, helping vulnerable people in refugee camps, squats, and other crisis zones. CEO, Ruhi Loren Akhtar, knew they needed support in improving their Board of Trustees. They needed help managing their accounts, too. So, they turned to our team of consultants: Vic Hancock Fell and Amsel Page von Spreckelsen.


Vic did a great job of identifying the capacity gaps in the Board. She also went the extra mile when helping with the recruitment process; Vic interviewed applicants, and helped find the best candidates for the job. She also provided HR guidance with the help of Collective member and HR specialist Rachel Atkinson, creating the role description and recruitment process for the charity’s first paid CEO.


Amsel provided an Independent Examination, and created a set of accounts for the financial year. This helped the organisation feel confident in managing their books for the future.


Ruhi was delighted with the support provided by Fair Collective. She said: 


‘Vic goes the extra mile for her clients and has a holistic, person-centred way of supporting people. Her support was tailor-made for our organisation and she is clearly passionate about her work. Vic was super friendly, welcoming and open and was generous with her time in answering questions. Amsel also did a great job and was so supportive. We will definitely come back to Fair Collective any time we need some external support.’

Hope for Children

Hope for Children


Hope for Children strives to provide every child with a happy childhood - one that sets them up for a positive future.


Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, the charity had to make some tough decisions. That included letting go of some staff members, including their Programme Manager and Trusts and Grants Manager.


To address this, CEO Julie Davis knew she needed help. But she needed to find freelance consultants that could work with the organisation’s needs and budget. Our consultants, Cat, Lucy and Ben were happy to join forces with Julie.


Cat and Lucy handled grant applications, while Ben managed the restructure of international programmes and partnerships. With Ben’s help, Hope for Children standardised the way they manage programmes - creating more efficient and effective processes. 


Julie said that ‘the consultants feel like an extended family within a team of employees. They’ve worked so hard. Nothing was too much trouble and they showed great warmth and care. It can be time-consuming taking new people on and getting them up to speed with our history and context, but we have built up a great rapport with them.’

A photo from Hope For Children. Two young boys reading in a school setting
The Centre Place
The Centre Place's CEO wearing rainbow face paint and a high vis jacket stands poised to speak through a megaphone

The Centre Place


The Centre Place is an impactful local charity - focusing on housing needs. The Centre Place had a tough time during the pandemic, which led to the Trustees taking on more operational duties. To tackle this challenge and stay on track with their objectives, they turned to Fair Collective.


Vic led workshops and consultations to identify organisational changes. Likewise, she brought in new staff and Trustees, and developed an action plan to support the charity’s mission.


Meanwhile, Ben lent a hand with the recruitment of a Development Director. He created the job description, advertised the role, and designed a selection process to help pick the best candidate.


Thanks to the support provided by Vic and Ben, The Centre Place was able to develop short, medium, and long-term plans - helping them look forward and continue making a positive impact.


The team and Trustees were over the moon with the support and advice provided by Fair Collective. They said: 


‘Vic and Ben were approachable, friendly and easy to communicate with, accommodating the needs of the organisation and the time constraints of this. We cannot thank them enough for their support and the impact this has had on our organisation. Would highly recommend Fair Collective to any other organisation and would be happy to have more detailed discussions with anyone considering using Fair Collective.’


The Centre Place team have since come back to Fair Collective. We’ve given them support with Trustee recruitment and website development, via Collective members Ben and Lorelle. 


It’s important to us that we’re a trusted place for our clients - and that’s why they keep coming back!

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