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Small charities inspire me. Why?

Fair Collective is excited to be working with NCVO on the Power of Small project. It sees us collaborate with the small charity sector and sector partners to really understand what small charities need from infrastructure support.

We're grateful to Clare Mills, Deputy CEO at Charity Finance Group, for this guest blog showcasing just some of the reasons why small charities are ace!

A photo of Claire Mills, a White woman with blond hair and a black top

They can be local. They can be specialists. They can be connectors. They can grow! Every charity, voluntary organisation, community group – whatever the structure – started with one or a handful of people seeing something that they wanted to change, to make lives better.

And above all, the work of small charities is felt across the country and beyond.

In my small town, I can feel the impact in so many ways: fundraising for our schools and the hospice; friendly, safe places and activities for all kinds of people to gather; the food bank and the warm hubs alongside debt help; choirs, drama, the museum, art; faith groups; environmental and conservation projects; helping people find work; every kind of sport… I’m sure I’ve missed loads.

And for each of these people volunteer their time and talents, from marshalling at the park run to taking on the responsibilities of trustees.

We are all beneficiaries. Small charities’ activities are something we all need, to enrich the places we live, work and visit and the communities we are part of.

It can be easy to focus on the big ‘household name’ charities that have a huge positive impact, but small charities are equally important.

In retail, there is space for massive supermarkets, small shops and specialist shops – and the same is true of the charitable sector. Every organisation, of every size, brings something unique and of value to our society.

I’m so pleased that CFG provides free resources to help every small charity, community group, faith and voluntary organisation understand finance and governance. We are growing the collection of small charity guides on our Knowledge Hub so please check back regularly or sign up for our small charity mailing list.

Charity Finance Group, NCVO, CIoF, NAVCA, VCSEP, Association of Chairs, Charity Digital, Pilotlight and the Small Charity Advisory Panel make up the terrible Scrabble hand that is the Power of Small Steering Group and are there to help you and your community, with whatever your small charity is hoping to achieve.

Through the Power of Small project we’ll all ensure the support we offer meets the needs of small charities, is easy to find and understand, and helps any and all small charities to have the most impact they can with the resources they have.

It’s exciting to be a part of it – and to have the chance to be inspired by even more small charities.

Clare Mills, Deputy CEO Charity Finance Group


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