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Claire Hill-Dixon

Programmes, Facilitation, Coaching

Claire has over 10 years of experience working with community organisations, social enterprises and charities in the UK and internationally. She is the CEO of The Young Trustees Movement leading on strategic development, transformative governance and programme delivery. Claire brings this experience in social change to her freelance work alongside being a trained facilitator, and certified coach.

As a social change consultant, Claire specialises in the design and delivery of projects that centre youth rights, gender justice and transformative governance with a focus on co-production, participation and community voice.

As a facilitator, she specialises in designing and delivering learning experiences that centre peer-peer learning such as Action Learning and Participatory Video.

As a coach, Claire works with people who are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of who they are, how they want to be in the world and what action they want to take to reach their goals.

Claire is an advocate and lifelong learner of feminist leadership and intersectional feminism and aims to bring values of care, community, curiosity, courage, justice and love to her work.

Claire Hill-Dixon
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