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Liz Pepler

Small Charity Finance

Liz is founding Director of Embrace Finance, a not for profit social enterprise building financial confidence in social leaders. Liz works with social leaders to build people first, financially confident, world changing organisations. She has 20 years' plus experience of working with registered charities, social enterprises and charitable foundations and specialises in:

01 | Interim senior level finance and governance support

02 | Regular external freelance finance support

03 | Training, mentoring and facilitation across the finance and governance spectrum

04 | Project management and delivery including systems development and resilience building

Liz says, ‘we have three jobs in finance; (1) building robust financial management systems and processes, (2) setting a viable financial strategy that is sustainable and compliant, and (3) taking financially resilient decisions that build our social impact not just today and tomorrow but in years to come. I specialise in working with social organisations who want to invest time and resources in building their financial confidence and financial storytelling so that they can really marry money and mission. My personal mission is to help social leaders find their love of finance, or, at the very least, take the stress out of it all.’

Liz is Treasurer Trustee of the Association of Chairs. Liz is a certified bookkeeper and a member in practice of the IAB and holds an MSc in Charity Financial Management and Accounting.

Liz Pepler
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